A Morning in the Pentlands

August 23, 2017



On Tuesday, I found myself in the rare situation of having the same day off work as two of my friends. We decided to skip town and go for a walk in the Pentlands, a region of hills to the south of Edinburgh accessible by public bus - a pretty essential criteria for us as we're all car-less. 

It was a cloudy morning when we set off from Edinburgh but luckily the rain stayed off for most the day, which resulted in some pretty cool cloud effects on the hills that I was grateful for. 

We had a vague idea of the route we wanted to go, so we set off from near the Vet School and wandered up the hill. We made it to the Castlelaw Hill Fort, which has an Iron Age earth house that apparently could have been used to store grain, but currently seems to be used for old empty beer cans and plastic bags. It made for some pretty cool underground photos though.

The area round the Fort was surrounded by newly shorn Blackface sheep, who all seemed fairly unconcerned by the military firing range on the other side of the fence. The red flags were flying, so we took a wee detour to avoid being caught in the crossfire and ended up by the reservoir. 

There were a lot of people out trout fishing on the water in little white boats (very #aesthetic) 



 On our way round the reservoir we came across lots of berries. Wild raspberries are my favourite but unfortunately we were a week or two too late for the best of them, so there weren't many to be eaten. Conversely, we were a week too early for the brambles, and there were hardly any ripe ones. C'est la vie, and Jenny looked cute trying to pick them out. I'd strongly recommend making the time for a ramble round the Pentlands, it's very therapeutic, especially at the end of the Festival madness. R x 










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